Objective 1 – create additional two training modules on knowledge production and transfer (KPT) aiming to increase the employability of youth (especially female, Roma) in the field of higher education and in SMEs testable in 24 months

Objective 2 – explore the future coordinates of the ecosystem “education-world of work in knowledge production and transfer” (E-WW KPT) and reveal the most important factors to facilitate a better integration of the targeted groups in two studies in 15 months

Objective 3 – improve the educational offer of the universities in socio-economic science with additional modules aimed to personalized the education for special demand in the world of work, to be included in partners education offer for 2021-2022

Objective 4 – create an mixt working group of 20 to improve cooperation between universities and stakeholders from knowledge production and transfer sector with the aim to better address their needs by the end of the project