School of Knowledge Production and Transfer for Global Economy and Governance


The project aims to enhance the higher education driving to a career knowledge production (knowledge production is considered by us education at college and university level and research, this is associated with a teaching position in high school or university, as well as a research position in university or research institute) using a training module designed to provide knowledge and develop skills to young students enrolled in a master or PhD programme.

At the same time, the quality of the higher education programs targeting the employment in business environment will be improved with an additional training module offering education and skills for knowledge transfer. The SMEs are facing difficulties in proceeding the transfer of the research results in practice and they are looking for training programs for their employees or for already educated candidates. We consider that a position of promoter of knowledge transfer (knowledge transfer in our sense means using the research results and enforce them in practice, using inventions, innovations, patents for production or services, using studies, reports, methods, procedures etc. and in practical assignments) is a real need identified for the Romanian SMEs.

The students and staff motilities as they are planned in the project will allow the teaching staff and specialists to exchange information about the curriculum, test innovative teaching methods and to work together with the students in a multinational and multidisciplinary group.  We will create 2 groups of about 16-20 participants (students, teaching staff, specialists from Ro and IS) that will have the possibility to work and test components of the newly developed curriculum and to learn about the training programs framework and methodology in the partner HEIs. 

The project partnership has been created in view to put together an experienced HEI from donor state (IS) and a HEI from Romania, both specialised in providing higher education and training programs and the National Institute for Scientific Research for Labour and Social Protection, specialised in studying the labour market and occupational standards. The cooperation between the partners aims to build up professional tools in order to better connect the education with the world of work for new positions.  The training modules that we are developing within the project are increasing the employability of the students on the world of work by acquiring additional qualifications.